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Apple Trees

FROSTBITE- Mid to Late. Crisp and Very Sweet. Great for Cider or Cooking.

NORTHWEST GREENING- Large Yellow-Green apples. Good Keeper. Flesh is dense and tart. Great for cooking. Mid-Season Blooming. Ripens late September/ Early October. Requires Pollinator.

SNOWSWEET-Mid Season. Deliciously Sweet. Honey Crisp good pollinator

YELLOW TRANSPARENT- Skin is clear yellow and the flesh is white. Precocious and productive tree. Best used for cooking. Heavy producer. Pick before maturity for better storage life. Scab resistant. Blooms Early Season. Ripens Late July/Early September. Requires Pollinator.

WEALTHY- The first commercial apple variety developed in MN. Striped red fruit with a tart balanced flavor. Multi-purpose apple but especially good for cooking. Often bears fruit the first year. Keeps well. Fruit tends to drop at maturity. Good success in zone 3b. Blooms Early-Mid Season. Ripens Late September/ Early October. Requires pollinator.

Crab Apple Trees

WHITNEY- Fruit is yellow with red stripes. Good for eating and pickling. Hardy, vigorous, heavy bearing tree. Short storage life. Blooms early Season, Ripens Mid/Late August. Requires pollinator.

Maple Trees

AUTUMN BLAZE- This hybrid of Silver and Red Maple has experienced phenomenal popularity due to its ascending branch habit, rapid growth rate, drought tolerance, ability to grow in most soils, beautiful fall color, and form. Height 50-60’. Spread 40’. Rich green, deeply lobed foliage, turning into an orange-red color in fall.

AUTUMN SPIRE- This broadly columnar form of Red Maple was introduced by the University of Minnesota in 1992, from a seed source near Grand Rapids, Minnesota. It offers showy red male flowers in spring before leaves open, consistently beautiful red fall color, and great hardiness. Height 50’, spread 20-25’. Green foliage, beautiful red color in fall.

Shade Trees

BIRCH- Betula Royal Frost – This Birch has the best from both of its parents – from Whitespire, it inherited beautiful white back and resistance to the Bronze Birth Borer. From Crimson Frost, comes burgundy-red foliage. The combination of two colors makes this an outstanding specimen tree. Much faster growing than Crimson Frost. Height 30-40’. Spread 15-20’.

BIRCH- Betula Weeping Cutleaf- This graceful tree has pendulous branches and attractive cutleaf foliage. The bark is brown in youth, maturing to grayish white, with increasing black fissures with age. This tree is highly recommended for lawns and parks. Height 30-40’. Spread 35’. Deep green foliage, turning to golden yellow in fall.

DISCOVERY ELM- This terrific new cultivar is highly resistant to Dutch elm disease, it exhibits good cold hardiness, and has an excellent vase-shaped form. Also resistant to elm leaf beetles, it is clean looking through the entire growing season. Height 35-40’. Spread 35-40’. Green foliage, turning to yellow color in fall.


RHODODENDRON- Weston's Lemon Drop Azalea Yellow – Extend the bloom season in your woodland garden with this large deciduous azalea. Peach buds open to pale yellow flowers in late June, which hold up well in summer heat. Dusty blue-green foliage in summer changes to vivid hues of burgundy and yellow in fall. Prefers slightly acidic soil. Height 6-10’. Spread 5-8’. Blue green foliage, turning to pink-red/yellow in the fall. Flower color is yellow, and attracts butterflies. Fragrant.

RHODODENDRON- Weston's Parade Azalea Pink – Vanilla scented, dark pink blossoms with orange flare, flower profusely in July thereby significantly extending the azalea season. The handsome foliage is a shiny dark green, turning bronze then orange in autumn. Shown to be mildew resistant. Height 6’. Spread 4-6’. Flower is pink with orange eye.

RHODODENDRON- Weston's Popsicle Azalea Pink/Orange Extend the season with this stunning late blooming azalea. Flowers are wonderfully fragrant, dark pink with an orange flare and open in late June, well after most azaleas have finished flowering. A large, upright shrub with lustrous green foliage turning burgundy-red in autumn. Prefers slightly acidic soil. Height 4-6’. Spread 5’.


BLOOMERANG - Bloomerang lilac is a remarkable new lilac with fragrant purple flowers that burst forth in spring and then again in mid-summer and continue right up until frost. It has a compact, full growth habit and small leaves that make it the perfect shrub for smaller gardens.

MISS CANADA - Extend the lilac season with this extremely hardy, late blooming variety. Reddish buds and rosy-pink flowers appear on new spring growth after common lilac varieties. Adapts well to warmer climates. Deciduous.

Hedge Shrubs

SERVICEBERRY - Standing Ovation Buckthorn - 15'. White Flowers, Edible Berries. Dark green, almost circular leaves change to red and orange in the fall. Stems are covered with white flowers in the spring sometimes turning into edible berries in June.

Ornamental Shrubs

BARBERRY - Orange Rocket- 4', Foliage Vivid Shades of Red and Orange. Upright, columnar form with vibrant coral-orange new foliage aging to mid green. Foliage color best when grown in full sun. Bright orange-red autumn foliage. Certified rust resistant.

BARBERRY - Golden Ruby A beautiful, slow-growing compact plant with striking coral-orange foliage. Later in season foliage is accented with a golden margin. Makes a great landscape plant for mass plantings or an eye-catching color contrast. Its compact growth habit, only two feet tall and wide, makes this a low maintenance selection. Prefers full sun. Deciduous.

BARBERRY - Rose Glow - A spectacular selection with pink and purple variegated foliage, definitely a knockout for color contrast in the landscape; makes a great accent, solitary or impenetrable hedge; very popular and worthy of its renown.

BARBERRY - Golden Nugget - 'Golden Nugget' is a deciduous shrub with non-burning foliage. It is a slow grower (to only about 1 foot tall) and makes a good border plant, especially when planted with darker foliage plants or brightly colored flowers, or a groundcover. Grow in full sun for best color and berry production. The foliage has an orange cast for most of the season, which intensifies in the autumn.

BURNING BUSH - Euonymos Golden Prince - 'Gold Prince' produces abundant small, gold-tipped young leaves that mature to green on compact, rounded plants. This vigorous evergreen shrub works well as a ground cover. Its climbing habit and tolerance of shade, dry soil, and alkaline or acidic conditions make it popular for use in gardens and shrub borders, where it provides winter color.

CLETHRA - Hummingbird- 3-5'. Blooms all summer. HEAVY Shade. This dwarf form of summersweet is a carefree shrub with glossy, deep-green leaves that turn vibrant yellow in fall. Bottlebrushlike clusters of tiny, fragrant, bell-shaped white flowers appear in late summer, making this compact, shade-loving shrub a favorite of bees and butterflies.

TAMARIX - Summer Glow- 8-10' Rosy Flower. Spikes ALL Summer. Masses of deep pink flowers create an ostrich plume effect in summer on this hardy shrub. Foliage is soft and feathery. Cut back almost to the ground each winter to improve its flowering display and growth habit. Ideal for creating a colorful splash in any sunny border!

Hydrangeas Shrub Form

HYDRANGEA - Bella Anna - 3' Reblooming Pink. Cloud-like pink blossoms decorate this vigorous bloomer from early summer until frost. Flowering on both old wood and new wood, Bella Anna has more flower-power than most hydrangeas. It is beautiful in a mixed border or a foundation planting, becoming a well-branched shrub. The strong stems support its rich pink flower heads without flopping. Enjoy the cut flowers fresh in a vase or dry them.

HYDRANGEA - Incrediball- 4-5', Four times more flowers than Annabelle. A vigorous growing hardy hydrangea, Incrediball Hydrangea delivers big flowers that emerge lime green, change to pure snowy white and then fade to green, all season long. Unlike its parent Hydrangea 'Annabelle', these immense 12" flowers are held upright atop massive, study thick stems that prevent flopping even in inclement weather.

HYDRANGEA - Little Lime Jane- 3-5'. A new dwarf form of the ever popular 'Limelight' hydrangea, Little Lime sports the same great flowers and coloration as 'Limelight' but in a smaller package. At one third the size of traditional hardy hydrangeas, this new variety fits well into any landscape.

HYDRANGEA - Tardiva- 6-8' Showy White Flowers Turn Pink in August. White cone-shaped flowers bloom August to September. Flowers bloom white and fade to shades of cream and pink. Can cut back in spring to encourage new growth and better flower productions.

POTENTILLA - Dakota Sun Spot- 2 ½ -3' - Deep Golden Yellow Flowers all Season. Compact. A broad, compact variety with showy golden flowers from June until frost and fine textured foliage; the ultimate flowering shrub for northern gardens, hardy, tough and adaptable to all conditions, but dislikes wet soils.

POTENTILLA - Forever Gold- 3' Early Bloomer. May- Oct Bright Golden Yellow Flowers. It is considered to be one of the cold hardiest, most xeric and longest blooming of any shrub Potentilla selection. With a nice upright growth habit and pale yellow flowers, Forever Gold is also one of the earliest to bloom in spring. Shear back by 1/3 each spring. Zones 2-8.

SUMAC - Gro-Low- 2-5' Excellent for Mass Bed and Bank Control. Yellow Flowers , Red Fruit. ‘Gro-Low’ is perfect as a woody groundcover for covering flat and sloping areas. In late spring “Gro-Low” is covered with profuse tiny yellow flowers. The summer foliage is shiny and dark green and turns orange, red and burgundy in fall. Grows readily in all types of soil including clay.

SPIREA - Mello Yellow- 3-5' Yellow leaves with White Flowers. A low-maintenance, multi-season flowering shrub that has arching stems lined with small white flowers in early spring, then willowy yellow foliage in summer, then brilliant orange/russet fall foliage.

PURPLE LEAF SANDCHERRY -(Prunus Cistena) 6-8' Rich purple-red foliage. The purple leaf sand cherry grows 7-10' tall and wide. When it is young, it has an oval shape. As it reaches maturity, it will become arching with an open center, if not pruned. Purple leaf sand cherry should be grown in full to part sun. If it receives too much shade, the leaves will change to a bronze green color.

SPIREA- Magic Carpet Lime green flowers with new red growth. The habit of this delightful spiraea in spring has vibrant red - emerging leaf shoots that mature into the bronze to light-green, red tipped foliage in summer. Full sun will bring out the brightest color. It is very drought tolerant and with fall foliage displaying russet tones that remain colorful well into November.

Evergreen Shrubs

CALGARY CARPET JUNIPER - Bright green in color and soft of texture, the foliage of the Calgary Carpet has a scale-like appearance and is soft to the touch. The layered branching habit of this plant gives the subtle appearance of soft undulations in the ground beneath them. This juniper does well in more dry soils that are well drained, and needs to have partial to full sun exposure. It's mature height rarely exceeds 9" but can spread to 10' wide or more. Hardy in zones 3-7.

MEDORA JUNIPER - A compact upright, pyramidal evergreen shrub with soft textured blue needle-like foliage all season long and showy blue berries, excellent for difficult landscape and garden situations, makes a great tall evergreen hedge in full sun.

MINT JULEP JUNIPER Pompom - Mint Julep Juniper (pom pom) is a multi-stemmed evergreen shrub with an upright spreading habit of growth. It lends an extremely fine and delicate texture to the landscape composition which can make it a great accent feature on this basis alone.

MINT JULEP JUNIPER Oriental Pompom - A standout because of its brilliant mint green foliage displayed on a compact, fountain-like form. A constant performer in all climates in shrub borders, mass plantings or screens. Evergreen.

MINT JULEP JUNIPER Spiral - This brilliant mint green juniper has been trained to give it an interesting spiral topiary form; it will need annual trimming of the new growth to maintain this habit; pruning is best done in midsummer.

SEA OF GOLD JUNIPER - Outstanding lacy, golden-yellow foliage makes this compact evergreen an excellent choice as a colorful accent. Color is retained and deepens in winter better than other gold-tipped varieties.

WEEPING TOLLESONS JUNIPER Patio Tree - Gracefully arching branches make this tree-like form a favorite landscape specimen. Attractive, fine textured, string-like evergreen foliage. Great in containers. Evergreen.

WITCHATA BLUE JUNIPER - A handsome, broadly pyramidal form makes this an excellent choice for screens, hedges, background plant, or lawn specimen. Silver blue foliage retains brilliant color all year.

HOLMSTRUP- ARBORVITE- 4-5' Compact w/Upright habit Light Shade. Compact pyramidal evergreen shrub. Dense shrub with bright green color. Nice planted in groups or as a lone specimen or accent. Good tolerance for shade and poor drainage. Will make a good low hedge.

Climbing Vines

HONEYSUCKLE-LONICERA DROPMORE SCARLET - 10-20'. The Dropmore Scarlet Honeysuckle Vine, Lonicera 'Dropmore Scarlet', is a vining honeysuckle that is very winter hardy and easy to grow. It has loads of fragrant scarlet-orange, tubular flowers from June to September. Hummingbirds are always visiting this plant in our gardens.

HONEYSUCKLE- LONICERA HONEYBELLE - 10-20' Semi shade. Honeybelle is a new honeysuckle variety that will be sure to attract gardeners and hummingbirds! It will provide you with a cascade of golden, trumpet-like blossoms, backed by green round foliage. This compact, twining vine will consistently rebloom well into fall and produce some red berries.

Shrub Roses

MORDEN CENTENNIAL - 2' Everbblooming. Med Pink. This popular variety is smothered in large double hot pink flowers over the entire season on a bushy, upright and spreading shrub that flowers prolifically, resistant to disease, a real show-stopper garden shrub; needs full sun and well-drained soil.

Bud N’ Bloom

CLEMATIS - Claire de Lune - Compact free flowering, a good selection for shade, as flowers retain their color best in shade. Elegant white flowers are tinged in lilac becoming darker at the ruffled edges. Stunning dark anthers. Blooms June, July and again in late August.

CLEMATIS - Sugar Candy - 'Sugar Candy' has large 6-7" flowers with pinkish mauve pointed petals and a darker pink center bar. This is a great 'Queen of the Vines' as it blooms mostly all summer from May-September.

ROSA - Chrysler Imperial Dark Red - Major award winner. Large blooms. Has been around for over 50 years.

ROSA - Oregold Deep Yellow - Hybrid Tea, the lasting deep yellow color of the big pointed buds and large finely formed flowers is certainly a beauty to behold. The glossy polished dark green leaves make the blooms sparkle all the more.

ROSA - Queen Elizabeth Medium Pink - Moderate fragrance. 38 to 40 petals. Average diameter 4". Large, full (26-40 petals), borne mostly solitary, cluster-flowered, in small clusters, high-centered to cupped bloom form. Blooms in flushes throughout the season. Pointed buds.

ROSA - Tropicana Orange/Red - It is popular for cut flowers, as it has long stems and nice pointed blooms, easy for cutting. The Tropicana can thrive from zones 5-9. Full sun is best, but it can grow in partial shade. Its bushes will reach up to four feet. Blooms will occur continuously from mid-summer to fall.

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